Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lunch Bunchin'

Got together with Shallot, Homegirl, and the Plebe at Hackney's. Twas a good time, although people seemed tired, those of us who work for a living, that is!

Hackney's had decent bar food, although the Old Fashioned I'd ordered wasn't as good as the others I've had. Their Manhattans were better, and I had three of them, got a mild buzz; I'd already had a one-drink headstart on everybody else since I'd gotten there about 15 minutes earlier.

The Plebe is apparently getting married in mid-August. That was the big bombshell of the evening, delivered to Shallot and me while Homegirl was in the restroom. Smooth as ever, Plebe! I guess he and the She-Plebe had been engaged for some time, with a dog as the token of their engagement, instead of an engagement ring, by her design. They're getting married in Osh-Kosh, and Shallot and Homegirl laughed about crashing his wedding. It certainly would be surreal, no doubt, given the aura of absurdity that surrounds the Plebe wherever he goes.

Shallot and I rode the train home, which was uneventful, just chit-chatting. I was pretty tired by then. They've been doing movie filming in our neighborhood all week, dunno what movie they're doing it for.

Speaking of movies, B2 broke the DVD player! The little scamp had yanked the door of the player out, and I couldn't get it working again. Fortunately, such players are dirt-cheap these days, so I ordered another one, which should hopefully reach us by next week, fingers crossed.

I think the Lunch Bunch refugees should do a seasonal dinner -- Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. That might be cool, and would be easy to remember. I'm sure the Plebe would fink out on 90% of those, but it would be fun. We just did Summer, so Fall would be next, like sometime during September - November. No muss, no fuss.

Rain O'er Me

Yesterday, I got soaked on the ride home. I'd made it as far as Navy Pier before the ominous stormage nailed me. And it got me, alright! I was worn out after the ride home, since the rain added some drag, weighed me down that much more with water. But I made it, anyway.

Today, I've got to get through my workstack, and once again clue JTOC and Tsarina about my being gone next week on vacation, so they can continue to fail to plan accordingly. What a bunch of tools! But I'll have done my part. I told Postal to just let the work pile up if they fail to account for my absence, and I'll just deal with it on my return. Maybe my absence will demonstrate the value of my work. Hah. I got a ton of writing done this morning, and am very, very close to finishing the fantasy novel I'd jumped back into two or three weeks ago. Stoked about that, since it's a solid piece of work; I'm very happy with it, sure hope I can get the interest of some agents.

Tonight, most of the Lunch Bunch are gathering at a watering hole for some firewater-fueled frolic. That should be fun, the crew back together, since we all seem to enjoy each others' company. It'll be fun, a good way of breaking in the vacation.

Tomorrow, B1's got his summer daycamp in the morning, and we'll pack and get ready to go, and then make our trek to Ohio, first for a wedding on Saturday, and then going camping Sunday through Tuesday (and also visiting our alma mater, which is in the area). Then a 4th of July celebration, and then homeward-bound on the 5th.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Time, Another Place

I dunno. Feeling summery. Need some fresh air. Maybe all the biking I've been doing has inspired me. Who knows?

Talked with Aphrodite some today; she's really nice. I might get some Dolmades at some point. Score! Turns out, she's a lover of cooking, too, so that's a good opportunity. She's also fluent in Greek, which is impressive, but it fits her background, of course. I wish I were fluent in something other than sarcasm and irony. Ah, well.

175 miles ridden after today, weather permitting.

I'm loving this. Rot in hell, music industry! The music industry is dead! Long live music! Note to industry: musicians don't need you, anymore! Ha-ha!